United States Geodetic Survey (Immunities and Privileges) Act

Act 47 of 1968


United States Geodetic Survey (Immunities and Privileges) Act

Act 47 of 1968

  • Commenced on 1 October 1968
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1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the United States Geodetic Survey (Immunities and Privileges) Act.

2. Interpretation

In this Act—"contractors" means contractors of the United States Government for the execution of works in connection with the Geodetic Satellite Survey Project;"Minister" means the Minister to whom responsibility for the subject of external affairs is assigned;"personnel"—(a)means the persons in the service of the United States Govern­ment in connection with the Geodetic Satellite Survey Project or in the service of contractors; but(b)does not include a person who ordinarily resides in, or is a citi­zen of, Mauritius.

3. Privilege

No duty or similar charge that would otherwise be payable under an enact­ment shall be imposed on or collected from, the Government of the United States, the contractors or the personnel in respect of any of the matters speci­fied, and for which exemption from the duty or similar charge is provided, in the Schedule to the extent and subject to the conditions specified.

4. Immunity

No member of the personnel shall be subject to any proceedings in Mauri­tius in respect of a civil claim which arises out of the performance of his of­ficial duty.

5. Evidence

Where in any proceedings any question arises whether or not a person is entitled to a privilege or immunity under this Act, a certificate issued by or under the authority of the Minister stating any fact relevant to that question shall be conclusive evidence of that fact.

Schedule (Section 3)

All property imported by the United States Government, contractors, or the per­sonnel for use in the establishment and operation by the United States Govern­ment of a Geodetic Station in Mauritius or incidental to the temporary presence of the personnel in connection with it. All property so imported, except expend­able items, shall be exported upon completion of the observations.
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