Reprint of Laws Act

Act 49 of 1973


Reprint of Laws Act

Act 49 of 1973

  • Commenced on 19 December 1973
  • [This is the version of this document at 30 June 2017.]

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the Reprint of Laws Act.

2. Interpretation

In this Act, "minor amendment" means the correction of clerical, printing and stylistic errors in the text of an enactment printed in the Gazette or in a revised edition.

3. Reprint of laws

The Prime Minister may, by written direction to the Government Printer, require that an enactment be reprinted—
(a)with a minor amendment; or
(b)in a consolidated form either with the amendments made to it or with enactments in pari materia and necessary consequential changes including the amendment or provision of a short title to reflect the state of the law on the day the reprint is published in the Gazette, in the form certified by him.

4. Headnote

Where an enactment is reprinted under this Act, it shall bear a headnote indicating that it was reprinted for the purpose set out either in section 3 (a) or (b).

5. Official use

Where an enactment is reprinted under this Act the reprinted text shall, from the date it appears in the Gazette, be the official text of the enactment.

6. No change in substance authorised

Nothing in this Act shall be deemed to authorise the making of any change in the substance of an enactment.
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