University of Mauritius Link Bridge (Authorised Construction) Act

Act 5 of 1993


University of Mauritius Link Bridge (Authorised Construction) Act

Act 5 of 1993

  • Commenced on 10 April 1993
  • [This is the version of this document at 30 June 2017.]

1. Short title

This Act may be cited as the University of Mauritius Link Bridge (Authorised Construction) Act.

2. Interpretation

In this Act—"Minister" means the Minister to whom responsibility for the subject of lands is assigned;"Réduit Road" means the Réduit Road bearing the classification num­ber "B1" under the Motorways and Main Roads Regulations 1976;"University" has the same meaning as in the University of Mauritius Act.

3. Permission to build

(1)The University may, subject to such conditions as the Minister may impose, construct a link bridge as specified in the Schedule across Réduit Road.
(2)The University shall, at all times and at its own cost, maintain the bridge in good repair and ensure that it is not a source of danger to the public.

4. Public domain

(1)The bridge constructed—
(a)shall be the property of the Government of Mauritius;
(b)shall not form part of the public domain.
(2)The part of the Réduit Road underneath the bridge shall continue to be part of the public domain.

5. Amendment of Schedule

The Minister may, by regulations, amend the Schedule.

Schedule (Section 3)

The link bridge shall be—
(a)at a distance of about 237 meters from the bridge over Feeder Boname on the Réduit Road B1 and have 2 columns located to the east of the road and placed at a distance of at least 4 meters from the edge of the existing road;
(b)at a minimum height of 5 meters above the Réduit Road B1;
(c)of such construction and design as the Minister may approve.
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